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Vol. 4, Issue 1-2. 2008
Geopolitics and Ecogeodynamics regions

Bahrov M.V., Kostrikov I.G., IG Chervanov
On the issue of formalizing invayronmentalnoho dimension of sustainable socio-economic development
The possibility of the sustainable development (SD) environmental dimension formalization has beenconsidered and analyzed with the stress on its current paradigm analysis. The review of the existed SDapproaches and schools has been accomplished. The natural capital stock has been defined as a minimumnecessary condition for sustainability. This paper authors apply the mentioned natural capital definitions to theiroriginal concept of the SD environmental dimension formalization. Finally, the authors suggests some principlesand directions of their approach practical implementation – elaboration of the formalized knowledge base forsustainable development provision taking into account its ecological aspects. With this one the authors intend tostart the series of papers within the SD subject area.

Naumov G.B.
Two environmental neblagopoluchchya beginning and their consideration in solving practical problems.
The paper is devoted to consideration of two kinds of conditions, which evoke ecologically dangeroussituations: geogenetic and technogenetic. It is demonstrated that only technical approach to minimizing negativeconsequences doesn't result in optimal decisions of problems, if we don't take into consideration peculiarities ofthe geological evolution in some concrete territories.

A.G. Kuznetsov
Crimea - International geodynamic polygon.
Scientific and applied meaning of study of geology of Crimea. We consider scientific – appliedmeaning of study of the Crimean geology. Crimea is range for development of endogeodynamic models,realization of ecologo-geological monitoring of ekzodynamy, base for passage geological practice of thestudents.

Bobra T.V.
Geoekotony in landscape structure space
The concept of geoecotons is determined as a specific object of geographical spatial and time.Basic directions of scientific researches of geoecotons and geoecotonisation and their novelty are marked.

Reteyum A.Y.
Periodic perturbation of the medium, forecasting and planning.
The article examines the effects of impact on the earth's shell outer planets
Solar system associated with their rotating magnetic fields. Based on the analysis of long series found a regular periodicity of various phenomena in the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere , synchronous with changes in the position of Jupiter, Saturn and other planets relative to the Sun and Earth. The existence of these short and long term cycles may be a prerequisite for the deployment of predictive work and adjustments planning practice .

Petlin VM, MG Grytsiuk
Effect of geodynamic situation in the local dynamics of recovery stand within the basin of the upper reaches of the Prut and Candles
Discussion questions about interactions between different levels of environment structure on theexample of geodynamical situation influences upon the processes of forest renewal are considered in the paper.Their simply-directed relations are presented.

Oliferov AN
Dynamics of Crimean beaches.
The results of stationary observations after the dynamics of beachs of the Saky and Evpatoriaresorts and environs of Pvietnoye (area of the Alushta city council) are considered. Materials about refulation ofsands on the coast and export of sand and pebble from beachs for build aims is expounded . It is exposed, thatan antropogen factor is the main factor of reduction of width and volume of beachs.

Budnik S.V.
Empirical-statistical relationships in agricultural landscapes and zoning on the factors limiting crop production.
In work interrelations of productivity of agricultural crops with climatic, soil, hydrographic, etc.influencing factors are considered. Empirical models of productivity are received. Optimum of growth ofagricultural crops are certain. Regionalization of territory is lead.

Shvets A.B.
Certification sociocultural contradictions in the Crimea.
The problems of the practical and geographical classification socially-cultural contradictions on anexample of the Crimean region on base of ideas of territorial equality and compromise analyzed in the article.

V. M. Shumskiy, A. S. Kiselev.
Regions with high potential of separation conflict on the modern political map of Europe.
In the article the prognoses of experts are summarized about furtherdefragmentation of political map of Europe. In the hypothetical list of the new independent states authors selectthe group of regions with high potential of separation conflict.

S. N. Kiselev, A. S. Petrogradskaya
A dynamics of quantity and settling apart of Ukrainians is in Crimea, from data of universal censuses of population XIX–XXI cc.
In the article the dynamics of quantityand settling apart of Ukrainians is described on territory of the Crimean peninsula, from data of censuses ofpopulation XIX–XXI cc., which are characterized the permanent tendency of increase of quantity and stake ofUkrainians in the ethnic structure of population of Crimea and maintainance of basic lines of the system ofsettling apart, folded in XIX c.

A.N. Rudyck
Application of environmental indicators to assess the environmental situation in the autonomous republic of Crimea.
For strategic ecological assessment within the framework of creation of Regional DevelopmentStrategy of ARC the analysis of ecological situation was conducted on the basis of ecological indicators. 14 from20 ecological indicators are considered, which characterize the dynamics of impact, state of the natural andtechnical systems in ARC.

Gorbunov R.V., Aleksashkin I.V.
The analysis of equations of hydroeconomic balance of geosystems.
The questions of analysis of the modern approaches of calculation of hydroeconomic balances areconsidered. The role of landscape factors in the process of their forming is characterized. The new method ofcalculation of balance for key area is offered on the basis of existing design formulas.

Yakovlev A.N.
The territorial forms of location of social and cultural conflicts in the modern

In this article one can see the essence of social and cultural conflicts, the necessity of typicalogicalapproach use in economic and social geography. The criteria of conflicts, the formation of habitat in the modernCrimea with the stable social and cultural tension are made here.

Yavorsky A..
Dinamka upravlnnya prirodoohoronnimi teritoryami in zalezhnost od ekologchno situats regonu.
The issues of protected territories management taking into account human impact and ecologicalsituation in the region are considered. Management objectives and ways of their achievement are determined.