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Vol. 5, Issue 1. 2009
Geopolitics and Ecogeodynamics regions

V.A. Bokov.
Parabola noosphere or limits to growth.
The approaches to a assessment of a level of noospheric development are proposed. Everyecological, economic, social factor has particular limits of positive effect on biosphere and sociosphere. Thevariants of a reasonable balance between national both universal, public and personal, social and privateproperty, autarcy and openness are formulated.

T.V. Bobra
New objects landscape studies.
In article the urgency of modern researches of the geoecotones, leaning against the analysis ofexperience of studying in geography of boundary systems is proved. Concepts "geoecotone" and"geoecotonisation" are defined. Results of researches of inner structure of geoecotones of local level are resulted.Factors and essence of geoecotonisation geographical space process as a whole and Crimea in particular areshown.

A.N. Oliferov
Scientific direction "selevedenie" at TNU.
Article is devoted to history and the basic results of researches on studying mudflows in the TNU.The basic themes and their results of researches are listed. The question of a professional training and theinternational recognition of researches is considered.

A.B. Klimchuk, G.N. Amelichev, B.A. Vakhrouchev, G.V. Samohin
From marine and glacial isotopic chronology speleotemnoy scales to paleoclimatic events.
In article data on features of creation and use of isotop paleotemperatures the scales based on dataof studying of sea deposits and glacial cores are resulted. Advantages of paleoklimatics the records which arebased on speleotheme are considered. Results of the first datings from caves of Crimea and Caucasus areresulted.

I. Chervanov, S. Kostrikov
Hydrological and geomorphological processes at watershed: algorithms for structural and digital simulation.
The paper introduces several algorithms with respect to hydrological runoff routing and elementarystream channel initialization through a Digital Elevation Model. The modeling procedures for the geomorphichydrologicalprocess have been verified and implemented for river and gully watersheds.

A.I. Lychak, T.V. Bobra
Problems and prospects of geo-environmental software design zkologicheskoy network Crimea.
The analysis of geo-environmental situation in the Crimea. Identifies the problem of biological andlandscape diversity. A set of advanced research in the field of research for the formation of an ecologicalnetwork of Crimea. A definition of Geoecological conflict.

Forms of protest behavior in ethnic delirium modern Crimea.
In article is analysed process of evolution of forms of protest behaviour of the Crimean Tatars andrepresentatives of the Slavonic ethnoses of Crimea under the influence of politicalization of interethnic relationsin the Crimea`s autonomy. The factors influencing occurrence of the rigid forms of behaviour of therepresentatives of dominating ethnoses in modern Crimea are defined.

N.M. Maslov
Factory formuvannya, funktsonuvannya i rozvitku teritoralnih sotsyukulturnih systems.
The different approach of the determination of factors of social-cultural peculiarity of regions areanalyze in this scientific article. The author’s opinion of the substance of the concept «factors of social-culturalprocesses» and theirs classification are propose here. The attempt of determine of universal mechanisms ofinfluence factors to social-cultural systems is make here.

N.V. Kiseleva
History and geography of modern bicameralism.
Research of modern history of parliaments testifies to existence of two directions in the change ofstructure of legislatives of power and prevailing of world tendency of transition ot unicameral to bicameralparliaments.

V.V. Romashchenko
Analysis zkologicheskogo potential areas of Crimea for strategic planning
The article deals with the problem of how to take into consideration particular elements of a region’sintegral potential in the course of strategic planning. It presents the results of the multivariate analysis used todefine the range of the Crimea’s ecological potential. There has been made a schematic map depicting thetypes of the region's territories by the level of their ecological potential.