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Vol. 6, Issue 1-2. 2010
Geopolitics and Ecogeodynamics regions

A.G. Kuznetsov, N.I. Lysenko, Al.G. Kuznetsov
Geodynamics Mesozoic reef-building in the mountainous Crimea.
Geodynamics of reefs formation in Mountain Crimea at mesozoic time is considered in thearticle. Three stages of intensive reefs formation are selected and described: oxford-kimmeridgian, tithonian andvalanginian.

B.T. Ridush
Dynamics of karst massifs Ukrainian Carpathians according sediments Strimchakovoho Cave karst area.
The only real carbonate karst forms within limits of Ukrainian Carpathians are developed in few isolated limestoneblocks, separated from the bottom layers and spread along the south-west macroslope. Often these blocks arepenetrated with underground cavities which contain Quaternary deposits. The morphological analysis of karst formstestifies that they have ancient (at least pre-Quaternary) age of initial karst, which was developed duringQuaternary. The analysis of deposits of some caves and palaeofaunistic reconstructions showed considerablespeed (ten and hundreds of meters) of limestone massifs denudation during Late Pleistocene. The conclusion, thatin Pliocene – Early Pleistocene these blocks composed a few larger karst massifs with the extensive karstaquiferous network was done. Later these massifs were fragmented, and fragments of caves, which were preservedwere modified by weathering, condensation corrosion, and processed by modern influation streams. Due to theirunicity in the region of East Carpathians, the caves of Uglja area became the collectors of importantpalaeogeographical and palaeoclimatic records.

N.Y. Basos, Y.I. Vergeles
Biocentric-network structure of the landscape as an example of a large city Kharkov.
Basic elements of the landscape ecological network of the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, have beenidentified, and the functioning of ecological corridors in the urban landscape was shown on the data regardingdistribution and abundance of plant and bird species. Corridor indicator species were identified, as well. UsingPrincipal Component Analysis major factors influencing species richness, composition and distribution patternsin the network were determined. Calculated indices of beta-diversity between adjacent sections of the ecologicalcorridors helped to reveal significant barriers to species movement between habitat patches.

I.N. Gudvilovich
Dunaliella salina salt ponds Western Crimea
Dependence of distribution of microalgae Dunaliella salina from density lake brine and absence of dependenceof distribution from the nitrogen and phosphorus maintenance is shown. The quantitative estimation of themaintenance carotenoids salty reservoirs is made.

S.G. Cherny, E.I, Yergin
On the classification of soils zrodirovannh Crimea.
The article discusses the new methodological approaches to determining the maximum power of the humushorizon, as one of the key indicators for the classification of eroded soils of the Crimea.

L.A. Hileta
kodynamichni urbosystem phenomena associated with acoustic load.
The article deals with an urgent question concerning the regularities of formation of the acoustic load withinurbosystems. It shows their quality and spatial complexity. Stressed, that stress the chaotic variability of thedegradation are the most-directional effect.

E.D. Pershyna, Y.V. Aleksashkyn., C.A. Kazdobyn
Modeling Changes kynetyky vodorodnoho indicators and oxidation-vosstanovytelnoho BUILDING aryrovannoy in water.
In this paper we propose a model that clarifies the mechanism of formation of active oxidizing agents on themeasuring electrode and the bulk of the solution in the presence of dissolved oxygen and ions of polyvalent metals,explains the reason to an error of measurement of the redox potential of natural water.

A.H.Shevchuk, A.B.Shvets
Political and geographical factors of evolution Krimskaya system Resettlement population in XX - early XXI centuries
The article examines the evolution of the system of settlement of the Crimean population under theinfluence of different political projects of its development. The reasons of extinction 311 settlements in theresettlements of Crimean Tatars in the XX – XXI centuries.

O.A. Andreeva
Features landscape-geochemical uslovyy Status of environmental and coastal-offshore territories of Ukraine.
Landscape-geochemical terms determine a level and intensity of contamination of different components ofenvironment in a great deal, ability them to self-wiping. The chemical type of influence of industrial enterprisesand agricultural chemistry prevails on off-shore-marine territories of Ukraine. Partition of technogenic load onterritory unevenly. Factories of metallurgical and chemical industry are the most considerable constantlyoperating sources of contamination of local character. Application in agriculture of mineral and chemicalfertilizations is reason of origin of area contamination.