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Vol. 8, Issue 1-2. 2012
Geopolitics and Ecogeodynamics regions

I. Voronin
About formation of monitoring system processes information society.
Thearticle presents a synthesis’s analysis of existing methodologies assess the level of information and thecreation on their basis of monitoring system the process of informatization of society.

S.G. Polovka
The international associations, normative base on researches and use of water area of World ocean and depth.
In clause the contribution of various international scientificassociations. The scientists is considered what promoted research of World ocean. The history ofdevelopment of normative legal base under the sea right is shined which defines (determines) jurisdictionof the state on this or that water area, and also regulates and adjusts scientific and economic activity of theman on sea open spaces.

G.A. Galuh
Regional tourism marketing: theoretical and evolutionary aspect.
The articlereveals the evolutionary peculiarities of foreign and domestic scientific views about the nature andcharacteristics of marketing in tourism, analyzes the main approaches to regional tourism marketing,defined its essence, functional components and tasks from a public-geographical research areas.

A.A. Pasynkov
Theoretical and methodical basis of allocation of morphostructures on the Azov-Black Sea basin.
Morphological structure of the seabed are one of the main components of the«geographical» sea-landscapes; on the shelf area are associated with them not only the features of thegeomorphological structure, but also the hydrological and hydrobiological conditions, features of processesof sedimentation and etc.In the conditions of hydrogen sulfide contamination on the Black sea deep-water area where there is nocommon forms of living matter, fivecomponent landscapes are replaced by threecomponent andmorphological structure of the deep-water areas form the basis of «geophysical» landscapes.

O.V. Boborykina, Â.À. Nasonkin, F. N. Pankov.
About one of aspects of deformation supervisions in the Geophysical observatory of TNU.
This paper presentssome results of geodynamic monitoring carried out on a stationary interferometric stationGeophysical Observatory Tauride National V.I. Vernadsky University (Cossack Bay,Sevastopol). A matching of tidal luthospheric strains and the time of strongest earthquakes in2012 is made.

A. Kholoptsev, M. Nikiforova
Solar activity role in the heat flow changes, ascending to the atmosphere from the surface of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.
It was found, that heat fluxchanges ascending to the atmosphere in the period from 1975 to 2011 yrs., were significantly affected bysolar activity changes that occurred in the period 1768 – 1820 yrs. A further increase of solar activity hasled to the formation of sub-Antarctic intermediate waters with lower density, which in the XXI century arethe main areas of upwelling in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, causing a decrease in their surfacetemperatures.

E. Yergina
Dynamics of the thermodynamic properties and the energy stored in soil humus of the rimean peninsula.
In the article describes the methodological aspects andthe practical results of the evaluation of energy and thermodynamic properties of humus in soilsof different ages of the Crimean peninsula, which can be used as indicators of the potentialability of rocks in soil formation and self-healing of disturbed soils in the development ofstrategies for land reclamation. The features of the thermodynamic properties and energyhumus soils formed on different parent rocks.

A. Vlasova
GIS-technologies application in investigation of position-dynamic structure of river basins (Crimean basins as an example).
The methods of semi-automaticallocation of position-dynamic structure of Crimean basin territories is offered using ArcGIS 9.3and ArcHydro 4.1. The scheme of the position-dynamic structure of the Malyi Salgir river ismade.

N.K. Kononova
Atmospheric circulation as a factor natural disasters in northern caucasus in XXI century.
The fluctuations of atmospheric circulation in the NorthernHemisphere and in the European sector for the years 1899-2011 were describe. The features ofthe atmospheric circulation in the XXI century and analyzed the frequency of extremeprecipitation and the resulting natural hazards in the North Caucasus in the XXI century with thedifferent character of atmospheric processes shows. Against this background, consider thesynoptic conditions for the formation of extreme precipitation and flooding in 2012 at the BlackSea coast of the Caucasus and Dagestan. It is shown that the combination of the increasedfrequency of anticyclonic weather patterns in the European part of Russia with a yield ofMediterranean cyclones in the North Caucasus is to increase the frequency of extremeprecipitation and related natural hazards in the region.

V. Smirnov
Some aspects of fitoaktinometrical research in the forests of reserve "Cape Martian".
The results of measurements of the total solar radiation under forest canopyduring the growing season for the reserve "Cape Marian are shown. Consider the value of thetransmission coefficient due to morphometric parameters of stands, the spatial distribution ofthe transmission coefficient due to the influence of exposure, slope, surface and morphometricparameters of stands are discribed

.B. Shvets, A.N. Yakovlev
Geography of the sociocultural conflicts in the Crimea (2006-2010 years).
Examines the territorial specificity of sociocultural contradictions in thesphere of interethnic and interfaith relations in the modern Crimea. Stages of development ofsocial and cultural contradictions. Identify key areas of concentration of ethnic and socioeconomiccontradictions in the Crimea.

E.A. Polovka
Scientific improvements member orrespondent NAS Ukraine A.M. Marynicha geomorphology by academician AN USSR V.G. Bondarchuk.
The articlehighlights the major scientific achievements of Doctor of Geographical Sciences, correspondingmember of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Alexander MifodievichaMarinich in one of the areas of geography - geomorphology. Call attention to scientificdevelopments on reviving mobilisticheskih views on land management research community.

N.V. Smirnova
Analysis of subjects of research students in the SAS and its impact on the efficiency of research.
In the paper the dependence of the level justify theselection of research topics students in the section of the geography and the subsequent resultsof evaluation are described The basic faults and mistakes when choosing a topic, adverselyaffecting the subsequent preparation of students in geography are shown.

E. Pozachenyuk, M. Lukyanova
Using of underground water in ancient Crimea
Analysis ofquantity characteristics of underground waters of South-Eastern Crimea was done. Connection betweentraditional Crimean water-using ways, such as Escki-Kermen wells, with present water-using ways, andimportance of its preservation, was shown. Dependence of water drain dynamic from region geologystructure particular features was analyzed. Underground waters of Subashsky springs were analyzed indetail. Ability to improve the operating stocks of water-taking without reduction of static stocks of water wasdiscerned, on the base of studying of region nature conditions.