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Vol. 9, Issue 1. 2013
Geopolitics and Ecogeodynamics regions

N.V. Strachkova
Approaches to regional development in conditions of globalization.
Themaim approaches to development of regional systems in contemporary globalization controversy areanylized. Necessity of develop a scientific approach to the development of open regional systems ofensuring high positions of economic growth by examining exogenous driving forces of transformationprocesses are revealed.

I. Voronin
Analysis of contemporary Ukrainian wine market.
The article presents asummarized’s analysis of the Ukrainian wine market. Consider its industry and territorial structure.

K.A. Pozachenyuk, M.Y. Luk`yanova.
Problems of effective use of natural resources of medical lake Adzhigol.
Lake Adzhigol – natural pearl coast Feodosiya Bay for unique healing propertiesof mud lake. Environmental threats, leading, as the destruction of the lake, and the loss of medicinalproperties of its mud are disclosed. Quantitative evaluation of peloids Lake Adzhigol are given and theamount of destroyed medical is calculated mud and the economic assessment of damage caused bydraining of the lake is given. Based on the test results it is concluded that the therapeutic properties of mudhave survived to the present.

I.G. Smirnov
Consortium of historic cities as a tourist cluster: Slovak experience
Shownexperience of Ukraine western neighbor – the Slovak Republic in the establishment and successfuloperation of the regional tourism cluster in the form of onsortium "Slovak Royal Cities", which combinedfour northern cities of the country – Bardejov, Kezmarok, Levoca, Stara (Old) Lyubovnya.

A.V. Holoptsev, E.S. Svirina, T.S. Yusupov
Forecast of changes in mean annual concentrations of chlorophyll in the surface waters of the western waters of the tropical Pacific.
Features occur in the period 1969-2008 years. changes in chlorophyll-a concentration in surface waters ofa number of areas of the tropical western Pacific Ocean, suggest that this process is caused by thedecrease of the intensity of upwelling that occurs in them, which is a response to variations in solaractivity, preceding them for 182-192 years.

I.M. Yakovenko
Methods of analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency in the development of recreationalsystem.
The methodical approaches for the assessment of energy-savingsin the development of recreational systems were systematized in this article. The structural and graphicmodel of development and realization of energy-savings program were proposed.

A. Voronina
Animated activities in a component of the cultural-leisure complex.
The articleconsiders the animation activity as component of the cultural and leisure activities

S.A. Gurov
Animated Geography of affordability of habitation in Crimea.
Indicators ofaffordability of the inhabited real estate for the population are analyzed. Various territorial variations of anindicator of purchasing capacity of wages in the real estate market are entered. Housing Affordability Indexis optimized for conditions of Ukraine. Geographical tendencies of affordability of habitation in Crimea arestudied.

N. Dragan.
Optimization Ways of Agro-ecological State of Soil Resources of the Crimea.
The results of agro-ecological conditions of soil resources of the Crimea and appearance of primary andsecondary negative properties are expounded. Parameters of soil conditions, corresponding to differentlevels of degradation are established. The optimization ways of soil conditions, agro-ecological state of soilcover, and fertility management are considered.

Yu. M. Karpets
The role of tectonics and geological structure in the physical and geographical separation of Volyn Upland.
The publication highlights the issue of natural geographicalregionalization Volyn Upland, the role of tectonics and geological structure in its horizontal structure. Firstisolated Galicia-Volyn, Buh-Styr, Stir-Horyn natural geographic subregions and Goshchansky landscapelevel with them. The direct relationship between tectonics and geological structure and natural geographiczone.

S.O. Komarytsya
Karst landforms of opilian and pre-carpathian parts of Halych-Dnister region.
The features of the karst landforms in Opilian and pre-Carpathian parts of Halych-Dnister regionare covered in this study. The research is based on detailed characterization of the key areas located onthe opposite banks of the Dnister river. We analyze the influence of various rock types on the spread andintensity of karst landforms. Most of these landforms are developed within sulphate rocks due to bettersolubility of gypsum anhydrides as compared to the limestone. The most common karst forms are conelikekarst sinkholes, these are widespread on both left and right banks of the Dnister river. The karst lakes,karst valleys and karst windows are typical for the Opilian part. The underground karst landforms (i.e.caves and karst wells) are typical for the pre-Carpathian part.

O.M. Rudyk
Environmental programs and strategies as instruments of regional
environmental policy in Ukraine (on example of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea).
The analysisof national and regional environmental strategies and programs of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea isgiven. The basic laws and regulations that form and control the regional environmental policy in Ukraineand Crimea are presented. Analysis of the development and implementation of national and regionalenvironmental strategies and programs in Crimea in 2000-2012 showes their extremely poor performanceand low efficiency.

V. Smirnov.
Determination of parameter combinations of plant communities klimatops on the basis of the geotopological analysis in Yalta amphitheater.
The approaches to the definition ofparametric combinations plant communities klimatopos on the basis geotopological analysis are a Combination of klimatops for the territory of the Yalta mountain amphitheater are determined. Thegeneral patterns of influence on the differentiation geotopos on plant cover are shown.