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Rules of preparation of the article


Rules of preparation of the article


1. Preparation of the manuscript.

General remarks

The manuscript should be prepared in the editor Microsoft Word (version 97, 2000 or later) and submitted electronically.

The text of the manuscript uses units of the International System ISO (SI).

Title page

  • UDC
  • Name (s) and initials of the author (s)
  • Title
  • Full name of the institution in which work (s) the author (s)
  • Address, phone, fax, e-mail for correspondence

Name (s) and initials of the author (s), title are provided in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English. For foreign authors – in Russian and English


Contains the most important conclusions of the research described by the author. Provided in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English). For foreign authors – in Russian and English.


A few words (terms), indicating the objects of research. Provided in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English). For foreign authors - in Russian and English.

Reduction (if any)

In presented materials common abbreviations must be used. Nonstandard reduction must be disclosed in parentheses at the first mention in the text of the work.


Must contain the reasons for relevance of the problem, purpose of the study and give a short overview of the sources, which contain questions related to this study.

Materials and Methods

This section immediately follows the introduction and should contain sufficient information to repeat the described experiment or analytical procedure.

Results and Discussion

This section describes the obtained results which must be presented as short as possible, and if it possible in the form of tables or graphs. It is desirable not to use too large tables. The analysis of the results in comparison with the works of other authors is performed. At the end of the section, it is desirable to bring the summary and formulate the main conclusions of the work.


List of references in accordance with the generally accepted rules (or according to the requirements of SCC of Ukraine) and should include only those works that are mentioned in the text and have been published. The text of the article references are indicated in square brackets and numbered in order of appearance in the text.
If the information to which you refer, obtained via the Internet, you must specify its address on the network.

Figures and tables

  • All figures (photographs, graphs or diagrams) must be placed in the text. Figure captions should be included in this article (and should not be kept in the picture).
  • Both tables and figures should be numbered separately and have sequentially numbered.
  • Signatures to tables and figures are placed directly next to them. List of abbreviations used in the table or figure is placed next to the signature.
  • Figures prepared directly in Microsoft Word, should be grouped together.

Formatting rules

To determine the approximate number of pages in the article, follow these rules:

  • Paper size - A4 (210 × 297 mm);
  • page margins - all equal to 30 mm;
  • Font - Arial, size 10 pt;
  • pages are numbered automatically;
  • paragraph properties:
  • indentation of fields - all equal to 0 mm;
  • red line indent - 5 mm (red line can not use spaces or tabs);
  • line spacing - single;
  • alignment - in width;
  • the automatic word wrap (do not hyphenate text manually using the "-" symbol).

When using the original fonts (special characters, letters, alphabets) fonts should be provided together with the text of the article. When making an article, it is desirable not to use standard styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.), because these styles can be overridden by someone.
When composing and placing text it is prohibited to use multiple spaces (they will be automatically deleted). You should use the standard alignment (left, centered, right, justified) and paragraph indent (indented red line indented from the page margins).
To insert formulas, use built-in Editor Microsoft Equation. Formula for which there is a footnote in the text should be numbered in parentheses.

General information on filing materials.
Please send us only packed zip-or rar-files: by e-mail to marked "to editor in chief", "to executive secretary".

Please be sure to accompany your submissions by the following information:

  1. operating system on which you worked, preparing material;
  2. version of Microsoft Word, used for preparing;
  3. program of preparation images (photographs, charts, diagrams);
  4. graphical processing images;
  5. compression software (package archive) materials and its version.

To avoid misunderstandings in the name of file, it is desirable to use the Latin alphabet and not use names longer than 8 characters. Never change the file extension, which a program gives him automatically.

Please provide us with only the final version of the article approved by editors (editorial board).